Why Plastic Cream Jars Are Widely Used?


Cream Jar mostly could be used with wide lids; widely u […]

Cream Jar mostly could be used with wide lids; widely used in cosmetic, food and even medical to contain thick liquid, such as gel, paste, and even powder. Cream jars are different from plastic bottles with the wide opening instead of a narrow neck.

Plastic resins like PP, PS, PMMA, and PET are used as the materials which produce square, round, hexagonal and straight-sided jars. The capacity for cream jars ranges from 5g to 500g, in different opening diameter, including in 47mm, 67mm, 89mm and so on.

Plastic ream jar doesn’t exist for a long time, but it has a rapid development for these years, and in some case, it could take place of glass jars and metal cans, because of their advantages.

1. Weighs, made of plastic which has small density, the plastic cream jars in the same capacity are much lighter than made of glass or metal;

2. Lower cost. Plastic cars made of lower price material are also easier to make, so the production cost would be lower than others;

3. Plastic cream jars could better protect the products inside; made of a variety of materials, plastic jars has good chemical stability and barrier properties.

4. The surface of the plastic jars is easy to be printed, easy to decorate, to attract customers and promote the sale.

5. It is easy and convenient for transportation, don’t need to worry about the broken case, and the shipping cost is much less.

As a new packaging container, plastic jars are widely used in the packaging field and will have a new development in the future.