Why Most Kexon Plastic Cream Jar are in Round Shape


Today, According to the information provided by the Cre […]

Today, According to the information provided by the Cream Jar Manufacturers(KEXON) of the cream can know ,Most of the Cream Jar are round, only some cosmetic Jar are square.In fact, The plasticity of Cream Jar is very strong, It not only can shape up the common variety of Cream Jar shape, but also can customize special variety of jar shape. This is the advantage of Cream Jar that simply created by a pair of mold.

The biggest function of the Cream jar can is to serve as a container for cream, but as the outer packaging of the Cream, the Cream can also bear the important task of maintaining the external image of the Cream. It is self-evident that the effect of packaging on goods. So the merchants have found the most beautiful shape in life for the Cream - round.

The ancient Greek Pythagoras school has discovered the beauty of harmony from mathematical research. It is said that the most beautiful of all three-dimensional graphics is the sphere, and the most beautiful of all plane graphics is the circle. From a physics perspective, spherical and planar circles are the most perfect symmetrical shapes in a plane.

And In different environments, the tanks are subject to different pressures due to different temperatures. If the shape is square or trigonometric, the shape is uneven due to uneven force. However, since the forces of the circular parts are balanced, they are not easily deformed.

However, Some people would ask why the Cream Jar on the market are mostly round? In fact, That is because the circular Cream Jar is easy to catch, easy to carry, and does not take up space during the transportation.

This is why Cream Jar can quickly squeeze out the market share of jar packaging. We hope we will improve the round Cream Jar into another good level.