Why Does Not The Foam Pump Work?


The principle of a pressure pump such as Foam Pump(KEXO […]

The principle of a pressure pump such as Foam Pump(KEXON), lotion pumps is the same as that of a single-cylinder reciprocating pump. It consists of a hydraulic cylinder and inlet and outlet check valves.

The common problems are: The inlet and outlet valves fail, causing no suction or discharge of liquid.

The main problem is that the airtightness is poor, and the shampoo can be inverted for a period of time to penetrate the piston ring to improve the airtightness.

Working principle of foamer pumps, lotion pumps: First, by pressing, the air in the liquid storage chamber is discharged. When the air is exhausted, the pump head is pressed again, and a vacuum is formed in the liquid storage chamber to generate negative pressure. At this time, the pressure in the container is consistent with the atmospheric pressure. With a pressure difference, the atmosphere presses the liquid around the reservoir port into the reservoir.

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