Why Choose Airless Pump?


Airless Bottle(KEXON) shield sensitive goods like natur […]

Airless Bottle(KEXON) shield sensitive goods like natural skincare lotions, serums, bases, and other preservative-free formula lotions by preventing them from excess exposure to atmosphere, thus increase product shelf life around 15 percent more. This makes airless technologies turned into the newest future of decorative, beauty, and medical packaging.

The airless bottle doesn't have any dip tube but instead a diaphragm which climbs to evacuate the item. Consumers may utilize virtually every one the goods with no waste left and they do not need to be concerned about the issue of the typical pump which don't work suitably for many goods.

Such bottle and pumps also allow packing two separate ingredients in one. Not to mention both pumps and bottle that are very efficient to contain your beauty products and keep them protected from any kind of damage. Using such bottles is important in case you have to open the entire lid of the bottle or a bit small, air gets exposed at the time and may damage the entire cream.

Along with safeguarding your formulation and increasing shelf life, airless bottles also supply a branding advantage.

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