Why Airless Bottles?


Airless Bottle(KEXON) were designed to reduce the amoun […]

Airless Bottle(KEXON) were designed to reduce the amount of air exposure to the product. They are highly used in the industry and their unique design makes them more expensive than the standard pump bottle.

They contain a chamber or cartridge inside with a secondary air space section beneath. The small hole on the outside bottom cover, the secondary air space along with the pump create a vacuum allowing the cartridge to move upwards as more product is pumped out of the container. This continual evacuation of product (and excess air) allows any product to be pumped out evenly but not left to be exposed to excess air which increases oxidation and decreases shelf life.

Delicate active ingredients like herbal extracts, vitamins, peptides and more retain their efficacy longer since they are not being degraded as quickly by extra air left in the container. Many more natural formulas utilize these bottles as they increase shelf life of the product up to 15% and thus decrease the need for preservatives.

Another advantage of these bottles is the amount of wasted, unused product is considerably less. No more opening the bottle and trying desperately to scoop out the last remaining product left at the bottom of the bottle. These bottles will pump the product right up to the very top.


decreases oxidation and degradation of sensitive active ingredients

increases product shelf life and reduces the need for preservatives

reduces any left over or unused, wasted product

sleek design and highly desired in the industry


may require multiple pumps initially to remove the excess air at the very top of the bottle

volume can look deceiving especially to the uneducated consumer

more expensive than standard bottles

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