Why Acrylic Bottles Popular In The Health Care Cosmetics Industry


Why are cosmetic packaging Acrylic Bottle(KEXON) popula […]

Why are cosmetic packaging Acrylic Bottle(KEXON) popular in the health care cosmetics industry?

In choosing cosmetic packaging, the health care products company has already packaged the relevant departments very simply. But in the fierce market competition and relatively high profits, it will often elect grades, high-end packaging market packaging companies. There are many buyers who are sourcing glass bottles and plastic bottles in the purchase of bottles. The glass bottles have a higher quality and packaging, but the cost is relatively high. The cost of packaging in plastic bottles is relatively low. Therefore, in order to balance the advantages, many buyers have a real headache.

From the purchase of a bottle of Chinese cosmetics, the purchase of health care products, the high-end packaging is the first choice for many buyers. But glass has many flaws, and some manufacturers will hesitate. Acrylic bottles are able to balance between glass and plastic bottles. Acrylic bottles look like frosted glass bottles with a different temperament. At the same time, the acrylic bottle has all the advantages of a plastic bottle, and the cost is lower than that of a glass bottle. This is a bottle that is ideally suited for the packaging of cosmetics and health care products.

It is precisely because of these advantages that the cosmetic packaging material acrylic bottle is deeply welcomed by the health care cosmetics industry.