What is The Working Principle of Lotion Pump


The working principle of the Lotion Pump(KEXON) is: 1. […]

The working principle of the Lotion Pump(KEXON) is:

1. First press—When we press the actuator for the first time, the actuator through the connection STEM drive together with SUB- STEM to compress spring, in the process of compression spring, piston outer wall with housing of the inner cavity wall friction, prompting the piston open SUB-STEM discharge hole, Piston slipping go down when moving through the air within the housing has opened up SUB-STEM discharging orifice discharge;

2. Press more actuator—all air within the housing all discharge;

3. Lead the liquid into pump housing ---- Press the actuator through the STEM , SUB - STEM, PISTON, work together to compress spring after the air discharge within the housing, release the actuator and spring, due to the loss of pressure, go back movement, the piston through friction housing wall motion down, the SUB-STEM of discharging hole close, liquid storage cavity formation in the housing vacuum liquid state, the glass ball go up, will let the liquid in the bottle through a dip tube into housing liquid storage chamber.

4. Reserve the liquid—more presses to reserve liquid on the housing until the liquid storage full.

5. Out liquid—press the pump actuator again, the liquid through a discharge hole directly from the mouth when the housing is storage full.

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