What is an Airless Bottle And What's The Advantage in Using Them


An Airless Bottle(KEXON) is a non-pressurized vacuum di […]

An Airless Bottle(KEXON) is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system which utilize a mechanical pump in a bottle. Once the bottle is filled, the material stored inside the bottle is preserved and maintain its integrity until used up.

Using a conventional pump bottle, when the content in bottle gets low, the common practice is to remove the pump and try to get the remaining material out with the use of a spatula type of tool. With the repeat opening of the pump and expose the content to air, some product will end up being oxidized and lose its effectiveness.

With the airless bottles, the material inside the bottles will be able to dispense completely which will not require the opening of the pump and therefore the integrity of the content can remain stable all throughout its use.

Additional advantage of using an airless bottle -

1. Use less or no chemical preservative.

2. Allow the organic and natural purpose really hit home and deliver to the user.

3. The bottle does not need to be sitting up right to pump the content out. In the event of traveling or artist in the field, the content can be dispensed immediately upon removing from storage without waiting for the content to shift and settle to the bottom.

4. The content in the bottle will hold a longer shelf life when it does not come in contact with air.

5. Love the product you have such as foundation and moisturizer but the packaging does not come with a pump. Simply transfer the product into an airless bottle for easy dispensing application.