What is a Plastic Pump


Plastic Pump(KEXON) are made of plastic material and ar […]

Plastic Pump(KEXON) are made of plastic material and are usually easy to maintain, have less resistance to certain types of fluids, and can transmit volatile or dangerous fluids with no danger of leakage. They can also be much lighter than metal versions.

For industrial uses, polymers such as Teflon usually provide the best reliability. In corrosive environments, plastic pumps may be lower in cost than pumps made of exotic metals. For high purity water applications such as is required in semiconductor manufacturing, it may be necessary to use pumps that don’t have any metal components in them in order to maintain the purity of the water. There are a few disadvantages as well-- they may be susceptible to heat damage, may have upper-temperature limits, and they're not compatible with all types of chemical fluids.

These pumps are useful in many types of applications where the fluid being pumped shouldn’t be placed in direct contact with metal. They include a wide range of types from centrifugal pumps, magnetic drive pumps, and in-line pumps, to small, hand-powered devices used to draw fluids out of containers. They're also commonly used in medical applications and in small scale tasks in industrial or public water applications. Other related Pump Types include double diaphragm pump, utility pump, chemical pump.

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