What Are The Common Classifications of Soap Dispensers?


Today we will talk about several classifications of soa […]

Today we will talk about several classifications of soap dispensers.

1. Manual soap dispenser

The design of the manual soap dispenser is usually determined by whether the soap is in the form of liquid, powder or foam. When soap is dispensed in liquid form, it is usually a squeeze bottle or pump. The most popular soap dispenser of this type is a plastic pump bottle, many of which are disposable.

Most manual foam soap dispensers have soap in the pockets in liquid form dispensers because the liquid soap is pushed through the small foam nozzles of the foam soap by pressing the pump.

2. Automatic soap machine

Automatic soap dispensers, especially soap induction soap dispensers, are usually used for other liquids, such as hand sanitizers, bath lotions, shampoos, dishwashing detergents. Automatic soap dispensers are usually powered by batteries. When the sensor detects the movement under the nozzle, the touchless design automatically extrudes the liquid. Electronic components of the automatic soap machine allow timing devices or signals that can indicate to users whether they have washed their hands at the correct time and dose.

The induction soap dispenser for water and soap/hand sanitizer has the characteristic of convenient use.

3. Foam soap dispenser

The foam soap dispenser has a double pump that moves air and soap when in use and injects them together through a small opening to generate foam. They can be found in manual and automatic varieties.

4. Bubble machine

It is the representative of intelligent soap dispenser. Besides the functions of automatic soap dispenser and foam soap dispenser, it also has intelligent hardware functions such as wireless music playing, light sensing, voice control, etc.

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