Trigger Sprayer Uses


Depending on your product's application, there is a Tri […]

Depending on your product's application, there is a Trigger Sprayer(KEXON) that will suit the job. Trigger spray bottles are used across a number of different industries, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household products, animal care and health, automotive, industrial, cleaning products, livestock, and horticultural markets. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the type of product, and are even available in ergonomic shapes.

The purpose of a trigger sprayer is to make the dispensing of your drugs and other liquid products easier for patients because of their targeted or diffuse spray functions. The unique part of trigger sprayers is that they can be attached to a variety of plastic bottles. They also have different sized holes and closures that enable liquids of multiple viscosities to be easily sprayed.

With this wide variety of sprayers, you can produce mists, sprays, or streams of liquids depending on the specific need. What is also helpful is the fact that you can control the settings through the use of the closure, so any dispensing of the liquid is easily done because of the tight seal with the bottle.

Bottles aren't the only thing that consumers place high importance on. They also look at the closures and trigger sprayers. Studies have shown a strong link between the performance of the trigger sprayer and the overall performance of the product itself. And like caps and closures, the trigger sprayer is most often the part that can cause customer dissatisfaction when they fail to work properly.