Trigger Sprayer Is Widely Used in the Spray Pretreatment Process


Applications: Metal cleaning, degreasing, phosphating i […]

Applications: Metal cleaning, degreasing, phosphating in surface treatment, and other low pressure sprays. It is a trigger sprayer that is widely used in the spray pretreatment process. There are two connection methods: clip type and thread type. The clip type is fixed to the pipe by a spring clip, and the thread type is directly connected by a thread.

The trigger sprayer provides three spray patterns: hollow cone, solid cone, and fan. A variety of series are formed by a spherical sprayer or by indirectly connecting the sprayers through a threaded ball or a quick release ball. During use, the spray direction of the spray head can be adjusted quickly and accurately. The spray head is disassembled very quickly, and the new spray head can be replaced by directly screwing down by hand to meet various application needs. The materials used are glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene. Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, with a maximum temperature resistance of 120 degrees and a maximum pressure resistance of 7kg.

The atomizing sprayer is often used in the furniture spray booth, and the spray remover is sprayed on the mold by spraying the protective agent. Precise operation of resin and wax in the blender, automatically adjusting the application rate based on the slice tonnage to prevent over- or waste. Precise application of release agent and humidification before the sheet enters the press, automatically adjust the application rate based on the line speed to ensure the proper amount of spray. Humidify the product or warehouse with a fine atomizing sprayer. Use air knives and blower components for drying and blowing to remove dust and remove residual materials, creating air curtains and cooling products. Wide-angle sprayers for cleaning plants and equipment.