The Working Principle of Cosmetic Foam Pump


With the improvement of living standards, the foam type […]

With the improvement of living standards, the foam type toiletries are more and more popular because of their stronger cleaning and decontamination ability, easy washing and no residue. They are used more and more in the field of personal care, such as hand washing, shower gel, facial cleanser and so on. The composition of the Foam Pump(KEXON) is mainly composed of a head, ring, pump body and so on. According to the appearance of the head and ring, each brand has its own custom appearance, and the pump body is the core part of the whole product work, which determines the size and stability of the liquid output.

The operation principle of the foam pump in the market is basically the same: when the pump head is released, the spring pushes the piston upward and forms the negative pressure of the pump. The ball check valve is in the open state, and the liquid enters the pump body; when the pump presses the head, the piston descends, presses the spring, and the ball check valve is closed, and the liquid flows upward along the outlet, passing through the filter screen and the liquid containing the surfactant. Air is mixed to form a foam and discharge the pump nozzle, which requires precise device matching to ensure good air tightness. -0.06Mpa is usually used as a gas tightness assurance standard.

Some famous brands have played a great role in promoting the use of foam pumps. For example, Walch, flower, baby, sapling, Estee Lauder, Johnson and so on have been widely used in the market and have been followed up by a large number of manufacturers.