The Use of Plastic Pump Heads for Cosmetics Should Not be Too Frequent


The use of plastic pump heads for cosmetics should not […]

The use of plastic pump heads for cosmetics should not be too frequent, because the resilience of the spring is limited. Each use must be within the range of the spring's resilience and cannot be used strongly. This is the same as the restriction of people. When a person's physical strength is overdrawn, he will collapse.

On average, the pump head should not be pressed more than 10 times and the interval should not be less than 10 seconds. There should be enough time for it to rebound.

The built-in spring of cosmetic pump head should not be too long, of course, too short is not enough. The selection and determination of the general thread diameter also plays a key role. Generally speaking, the common cosmetic pump head spring is the most reasonable with 13 and a half turns, so the resilience and pressing force are just within the reasonable range.

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