The Main Functions Of Cosmetic Cream Jar Packaging


1, performance characteristics The general cosmetics ar […]

1, performance characteristics

The general cosmetics are mostly liquid, emulsion or paste, and do not have a distinct appearance. It must be designed by exquisite and unique a Cream Jar(KEXON) packaging to show its own characteristics. As a result, cosmetics are generally dependent on the packaging and can be sold well. From the mind of consumers, first of all, to attract the attention of consumers, causing consumer desire to buy, only cosmetic packaging attention only after the occurrence of a series of acts, according to the study of human eye movements, to color the fastest response. The strength of the packaging may depend on how to reconcile the color contrast to make it lively and eye-catching in the store. It is soft and not glare after buying home. When the consumers are attracted to the cosmetics display shelves, the packaging design will fail if the package is not purchased. The fashion, eye-catching, dynamic and interesting outer packaging design and new adoption are one of the means for the cosmetic manufacturers to make a decisive victory. To the well-known Procter & Gamble as an example, the new "zest" brand bath bottles material a hard plastic texture of the past, and the choice of a more humane soft plastic, of this, virtually, increase its product affinity. It can be said that the "zest" the successful launch of a great relationship with the choice of packaging materials.

2, improve the grade

In people's daily life, cosmetics are becoming indispensable supplies, cosmetics in the beautification of life at the same time also formed a huge business opportunity, cannot be ignored in the consumer market, a variety of skin care concept is a variety of packaging contests, emerge in an endless stream, dazzling. Many products not only sell efficiency but also sell fashion and culture. The fashion and culture of cosmetics are usually what we call "grade" and how to express the taste of cosmetics. Besides product advertising and product counter display, the packaging is an important part. Appropriate packaging cannot only directly stimulate consumer senses, but also the product quality so that the most incisive, packaging as the product "jacket", not only have the function of storing and protection products, also must have attracted by purchase, consumer guide.