The Distribution Pipe Needs a Foam Pump


There exists a need in the art for a China Foam Pump(KE […]

There exists a need in the art for a China Foam Pump(KEXON) wherein the dispensing tube is stationary during the dispensing of foam and during the refill of the pump with air and liquid. The pumps and dispensers herein will be found suitable for the dispensing of a variety of single or multi-component products. This need is particularly strong in the counter mount environment. This need exists specifically in the dispensing arts for skin care and skin sanitizing products, and, more specifically, the dispensing of foamed soaps and foamed sanitizing products.

Most counters mounted soap dispensers also create foam below the counter, proximate the soap and air pump mechanisms, and then force the foam up through a significant length of dispensing tube. This creates a few problems. First, the foam can degrade as it travels through the dispensing tube, yielding a poorer foam product. Second, pushing foam through a length of dispensing tube requires more force than pushing separate air and liquid soap sources, and this makes the actuator for the soap dispenser more difficult to push and, in the case of an electronically activated automatic soap dispenser, requires additional electric power. Published patent application shows a counter mounted soap dispenser that creates foam at the spout rather than proximate the pumping mechanisms under the counter, but it is focused solely on a system with separate electronic soap and air pumps and is not structurally similar to inline actuated soap dispensers.