The Airless Bottle And It’s Advantages


It's all about packaging! We hear that a lot. You've cr […]

It's all about packaging! We hear that a lot. You've created an amazing formula and want to shout out to the world that you have something to help people feel better, younger, more at home. Professional packaging is needed to make marketing easier and improve the ability to attract customers' attention. Providing luxurious beauty packages for your products will greatly enhance your confidence in the products, thus promoting additional sales.

Airless bottle bottles will help extend the product's shelf life, and there are more reasons to consider using such packaging for skin care products. An airless bottle is a non - pressurized vacuum distribution system in which mechanical pumps are used. Once the bottle is full, the material stored in the bottle is preserved and left intact until it is used up.

Using a traditional pump bottle, when the content is low, it is usual to remove the pump and try using a spatula type tool to remove the remaining material. As the pumps are opened repeatedly and the contents exposed to air, some products will eventually be oxidized and lose their effectiveness.

With a gas free bottle, the material inside the bottle will be fully allocated, which does not require the opening of the pump, so the integrity of the content will remain stable throughout its use.

Use airless bottle for other advantages -

1. Use less or no chemical preservatives.

2. Let organic and natural purposes actually reach the home and deliver to the user.

The bottle doesn't need to sit up properly to pull out the contents. In the case of a traveling artist or artist, the content can be allocated immediately upon retrieval from memory without waiting for the content to move and settle to the bottom. When the contents of the bottle do not come into contact with air, its shelf life will be longer. Like the products you have, like foundation and moisturizer, but the package doesn't come with a pump. Simply transfer the product to the cylinders without gas can be easily distributed.