Squeeze Operated Foam Pump Dispenser


A Foam Pump(KEXON) dispenser for use in association wit […]

A Foam Pump(KEXON) dispenser for use in association with foaming liquid is disclosed. The squeeze operated foam pump dispenser includes a resiliently deformable bottle and a cap. The resiliently deformable bottle has an at rest position and an under pressure position. The bottle has an interior and a throat. The cap is attached to the throat and the cap has a nozzle extending inwardly into the interior of the bottle. The nozzle defines a nozzle fluid passageway. A nozzle cover is attached to the cap and spaced from the nozzle and a cap chamber is defined therebetween. An air tube defining an air passageway extends inwardly from the nozzle cover and the air passageway is in communication with the cap chamber and an interior portion of air formed between the liquid and the bottle in the interior thereof when the nozzle is positioned downwardly. A pressure actuated valve selectively opens and closes the air tube whereby the valve is closed when the bottle is in the at rest position and opens responsive to the bottle being moved from the at rest position to the pressure position. A cover port is formed in the nozzle cover to provide a fluid passageway between the interior and the cap chamber. The dispenser includes a method of sealing the nozzle when the bottle is in the at rest position. The sealing method may be a pressure retaining valve.

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