Soap Dispenser Foam Pump Not Working


The two most common problems on hand pumps are that the […]

The two most common problems on hand pumps are that the Foam Pump(KEXON) fails to retract or it fails to dispense soap. Is the soap dispenser pump stuck? If the foam pump fails to retract, the pump may be locked, so it seems to be stuck. Many soap dispensers lock when you push the pump all the way down and rotate it by 90 degrees. You can unlock the pump by rotating it back to its working position. Or the spring may be broken. The spring fits inside the foam pump reservoir. To admission it, you have to be able to alleviate the backlog from the cap. This is accessible on bath dispensers, but not on every plastic bottle dispenser.

The foam pump may appear to be in working operation, but you don't get any soap. This could be because you're out of soap. Sometimes you can zip through the soap faster than expected and not realize you're out. Another potential issue is that the dispenser tube is too short or it's kinked. Dispenser tubes are plastic and easily damaged. All too often, they don't reach to the bottom of the soap container. In some cases, the dispenser tube is blocked. Soap can congeal in the tube, effectively blocking it. To restore pump operation, you need to loosen this blockage.

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