Selection Method of Cosmetic Foam Pump Head Outer Packaging


With the development of the times, people's choice of c […]

With the development of the times, people's choice of cosmetic Foam Pump (KEXON) is also much more demanding than in the past. The choice of cosmetic foam pump packaging is not only in terms of price, performance, but also requires product originality, culture, novelty, etc., and pursues a spiritual enjoyment. Some consumers for the high consumption of cosmetics, even at all costs, just for the feeling of cosmetics, and good cosmetic packaging design, will greatly enhance the choice of consumers. Consumers usually go through the packaging design of cosmetics to infer the quality of the products inside, so the choice of cosmetic packaging is particularly important.

Good cosmetic packaging can greatly increase the added value of products, obtain better sales, and improve profits. Therefore, in order to compete fiercely in the market, everyone has a very long-term vision to guide consumers to consume. Designers must do full market research, design, packaging, and accurate positioning of cosmetic pump heads, improve the design level of packaging, strengthen packaging innovation, and strive to win more consumers in the packaging market. Moreover, the most basic function of the packaging of the cosmetic pump head is the same as that of another commodity packaging, which is convenient for consumers to use and beautify consumers.

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