Selecting Fan-shaped Sprayer Bottle Is More Efficient and Better


Regardless of the use of the product, the most importan […]

Regardless of the use of the product, the most important thing is of course the efficiency problem. The use of sprayers requires more attention to the more efficient use of the product, especially in the current era of speed pursuit, of course, the efficiency can not be too low. In the current selection of sprayer bottle, the efficiency of the fan sprayer is better.

It can be said that the spray shape edge of the design of the fan sprayer is well defined, and the flow guiding plane which is more advantageous for the fine processing provides a uniform, high impact spray shape. More efficient use of lifting sprayers! Because the development of the sprayer industry is now more, the efficiency of the various spiral sprayers developed and produced is flat, and the design of the spray channel relatively directly affects the spray effect.

However, the design of the fan sprayer is different. The design of the spray channel is large and smooth, which reduces the blockage and improves the efficiency. The fan-shaped profile of the spray produces a tapered edge. The spray particles are fine and uniform, and the spray particles are medium in size. When the sprayers are arranged, a 25% to 30% overlap is required to make the arrangement in the entire direction uniform. The fan-shaped spray spray can produce a variety of angles, and the water flow is uniform. The droplet size is medium-sized and the unit is connected by means. It is easy to install and replace the filter, and it is easy to clean. This is the more efficient use of fan sprayers and the principle of efficiency!

Use sprayers with higher efficiency. The better use of fan-shaped sprayers is not to say that other sprayers are not good, but the efficiency and function of different products are different. It is like the general use of spiral sprayers, spray sprayers, ceramic sprayers, cleaning sprayers and atomizing sprayers, metal sprayers, fan sprayers, etc. These sprayers use different functions. If you need to use a sprayer with more efficient products, you should choose to use a fan sprayer for better use.