Precise Device Coordination To Ensure Good Air Tightness


With the improvement of living standards, foam washing […]

With the improvement of living standards, foam washing and protection products are more and more popular for their stronger cleaning and decontamination ability, easy washing, no residue and other advantages, and are more and more applied in personal washing and protection fields such as hand sanitizer, shower gel, facial cleanser and so on.

The foam pump mainly consists of a press head, a roller, a pump body and the like, wherein the press head and the roller are visible appearances, each brand has its own customized appearance, and the pump body is the core part of the whole product work, which determines the size and stability of the liquid output.

The working principles of foam pumps seen in the market are basically the same: when the pump head is released, the spring pushes the piston upward to form negative pressure of the pump body, the ball check valve is in an open state, and liquid enters the pump body; When pressing the pressing head of the pump, the piston descends, pressing the spring, the ball check valve is in a closed state, the liquid ascends along the water outlet, passes through the filter screen, the liquid containing the surfactant is mixed with air to form foam and is discharged out of the pump nozzle, which requires precise device cooperation to ensure good air tightness, usually taking -0.06Mpa as the air tightness guarantee standard.

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