Plastic Pump Bottle Easy to Use Function


Plastic Pump(KEXON) bottles should have the function of […]

Plastic Pump(KEXON) bottles should have the function of being convenient to use. Whether to develop and manufacture competitive products is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. The design of the bottle mouth of the plastic bottle should be considered to be easy to open and can be opened and closed multiple times, and it is convenient to dump the contents. Can not cause spatter and injury. When designing the product, other functions can be attached to the sealer: anti-counterfeiting, Anti-theft, anti-blocking, spray, etc.

Although the equipment for plastic injection molding of hollow plastic bottles in China can be produced in small quantities, the accuracy and performance of the equipment itself are not as good as those of foreign equipment. China's cosmetics packaging industry is developing rapidly, the demand for plastic packaging plastic bottles is increasing, and the blow molding equipment is also growing. Since the injection blow molding equipment is in operation, the bottle mouth is first injected to ensure the accuracy of the bottle mouth, and then the bottle body is blown. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the volatilization of the gas in the plastic bottle and the penetration of the outside air into the bottle. It ensures a good close performance between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. Grasping the broad market prospects, this opportunity continues to promote the development of the industry, in order to narrow the gap with foreign countries.

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