Plastic Cap Shapes


Our round Plastic Caps(KEXON) come in many different si […]

Our round Plastic Caps(KEXON) come in many different sizes to fit all applications, whether you need a round plastic cap that fits on threaded or non-threaded surfaces, we have a customized round plastic cap for you. Our round plastic caps can be custom made to have tear tabs on them for quick easy removal. Get your round plastic caps specifically designed for all purposes, we even can imprint your logo onto the round caps to add further details.

Rectangular plastic caps come with either a rounded tip or flat end tip. You can specify the length and color for your plastic caps if you prefer as well. These rectangular plastic caps are attractive in applications that are used for gripping objects, their long flat surface allow for optimal comfort in industrial settings.

Square vinyl caps add that finishing touch that's needed on furniture and other square surfaces. Our square vinyl caps are made to order! You can pick exact size you need your square vinyl caps to come in. Our square vinyl caps are extremely durable and will protect items from debris and moisture that could cause damage. They can also cover sharp edges to prevent injuries.

As first class China Plastic Cap manufacturers and Plastic Cap suppliers, perfect product apply for washing products (hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant, etc.), biological medicine, cosmetic bag makeup, chemical industry. performance characteristics, We can produce Plastic Cap according to the requirements of customers,Our products have ISO9001 quality standard, Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance,easy to use,economical and durable.