Pay Attention to the Appropriate Height When Using the Plastic Pump Head Unit


Today's daily life is improving, and all kinds of goods […]

Today's daily life is improving, and all kinds of goods are coming out of the ordinary days of everyone. Take the daily chemical pump products that you often see. It has both mobile and fixed goods. In today's society, the appearance of such goods can be seen everywhere. The role of the Plastic Pump (KEXON) head in the operation time also makes many people feel the convenience. Some fixed goods are used to pay attention to his high degree of doubt so that the user can be more Convenience is the best.

Some plastic pump heads are used in the field of fire protection. If there is incineration of smoke, the water will be actively ejected. According to the amount of smoke, he will determine how much water is sprayed, or it may be a mist or a stream. Different amounts of water can cope with different fires. The use of plastic pump heads has ensured the safety of everyone's life and industry and has a very good effect on the process of application. If the height of the plastic pump head is not suitable, when there is smoke, the water flow cannot be announced in time, which will affect the operation. It is necessary to install the plastic pump head at a suitable height so that it has the best effect in such a scene, so pay attention to the height of the device.

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