• The PET Plastic Bottle Produced by KeXon has High Cost Performance

    The PET Plastic Bottle Produced by KeXon has High Cost Performance


    Advantages of PET Plastic Bottle: 1.PET plastic bottle is better than glass bottle in safety. 2.PET plastic bottles have light weight and are convenient for long-distance transportation of products. 3. The portability of 3.PET plastic bottles is better than glass bottles and pop cans, which is more suitable for young people's psychology of seeking new and different things. 4.PET plastic bottles have greater flexibility in bottle type and capacity selection, can produce products with different bottle types and capacities, and enrich the variety of products. 5. Plastic bottles made of 5.PET as raw materials have the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, innocuity, environmental protection and no peculiar smell, and can be directly used for food packaging. 6. It has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times that of other films, and folding resistance is good. 7. Oil resistance, fat resistance, dilute acid resistance, dilute alkali resistance, resistance to most solvents. 8. It has excellent high-temperature and low-temperature resistance, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 120℃, can withstand 150℃ high temperature in short-term use and can withstand -70℃ low temperature, and has little influence on its mechanical properties at high and low temperatures. 9. The permeability of gas and water vapor is low, and it has excellent gas, water, oil and peculiar smell resistance. 10. High transparency, blocking ultraviolet rays and good gloss. 11. Non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and safe, and can be directly used in food packaging. The PET plastic bottles produced by Ningbo KeXon Plastic have high cost performance. Welcome new and old customers to visit our company and guide our work.

  • Factors Affecting the Quality of Fine Mist Sprayer

    Factors Affecting the Quality of Fine Mist Sprayer


    Fine mist sprayer is to skin care what lipstick is to cosmetics. They are all products that are frequently used at high frequency. It is also common to buy many different kinds of products at one time. Spray pumps are also widely used in washrooms, pockets, outdoors, cars, airplanes, etc. For spray products, I usually use them after face cleaning and before applying toner, or put them on the bed head. When wearing makeup and drying, I can also use spray to relieve makeup after drying. In summer, a bottle of cool fine mist sprayer head can really bring a sense of healing to people. So what determines the quality of fine mist sprayers? No matter what type of spray, the actual effect is determined by the content "water" and the cosmetic spray head/pump head. Atomization effect is also one of the selling points of spray products, such as ultra-fine mist, quick spray, fine and even, no dripping, etc. Among them, cosmetic nozzle/pump head plays the most critical role. The plastic nozzle/pump head has great influence on the spray state, spray area and spray effect. The price of good nozzle and ordinary nozzle varies from several times to more than ten times. KeXon's fine mist sprayer head has uniform spray volume, fine and gentle spray, and can provide good skin care experience. To get more details about:https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Plastic Bottle Packaging Can Be Seen Everywhere on The Market

    Plastic Bottle Packaging Can Be Seen Everywhere on The Market


    At present, most of the drugs, nutrition and health care products, and various foods and drinks sold in the domestic market are packaged in plastic bottles. You can go to drugstores or supermarkets and see products packaged in plastic bottles everywhere. Plastic bottles are characterized by their light weight, non-friable, clean and beautiful appearance. Some technical indexes and a large number of data show that they have excellent chemical resistance and water vapor permeability resistance sealing performance. They can completely play a role of safety shielding and protection for the products contained within the validity period. Principles for selecting plastic bottles: 1. No matter what raw materials are selected for plastic bottles, they must first meet the requirements of innocuity and no peculiar smell. As there are many kinds of main raw materials to choose from, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of raw materials. At present, the domestic packaging bottles of nutritional health products and foods are mainly made of PET or HPDE, while the bottle caps are made of PP. 2. Sealing property of bottle body and lid and water vapor permeability. Sealing property and water vapor permeability are two important technical indexes of plastic bottles, which have a crucial influence on the stability of packaged products. 3. Plastic bottle product quality standards. The quality of products can be analyzed and judged from the product quality standards of the manufacturers. 4. Quality assurance system. Auditing suppliers has become an essential part of purchasing plastic bottles. Through auditing, a comprehensive and correct evaluation can be made on the comprehensive level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality of the production plant. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic...

  • Foam Pump, Classification and Use

    Foam Pump, Classification and Use


    What is a foam pump? The foam pump is ejected under a rapid condition, and then a certain negative pressure is formed around the liquid column. The suction gas generated by the negative pressure enters the mixing part, so that air and liquid are mixed again to form bubbles, which are ejected from the foam pump product. There are usually three types according to the discharge quantity of nozzles. 1.0.4cc foam pumps are generally available in the market with a diameter of 30 teeth. Mainly used for women's care liquid, hand sanitizer and facial cleaning Mu Si, etc. 2.0.8cc foam pump, there are usually 40 teeth and 43 teeth in the market. Mainly used for foam cleansing Mu Si, baby foam shampoo and body wash, foam hand sanitizer, etc. 3. The spit-out volume is 3cc and 3.5cc, so the tooth diameter is 58 teeth. Mainly used for adult foam shower gel. Cleanser, facial cleanser Mu Si, shampoo and hand sanitizer, etc. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. as first class China Foam Pump manufacturers and Foam Pump suppliers. Our products have ISO9001 quality standard, Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance,easy to use,economical and durable. Learn more details about, please contact us:foam pump manufacturers.

  • Some General Questions and Answers on Foam Pump

    Some General Questions and Answers on Foam Pump


    Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd., as first class China Foam Pump Manufacturers and Foam Pump Suppliers, perfect product apply for washing products (hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant, etc.), biological medicine, cosmetic bag makeup, chemical industry. performance characteristics. We can produce Foam Pump according to the requirements of customers,Our products have ISO9001 quality standard, Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance,easy to use,economical and durable. The following are some regular questions and answers about foam pump, in order to let everyone know more about foam pump. Q: Where is the core of foam pump? A: The core lies in the soft rubber fittings matched with the piston. Q: Does the foam pump require the viscosity of the material? A: It's ok if the material body is a water solution, there is no need to add thickening agent! Q: What are the testing standards for foam pumps, such as air tightness, discharge volume, number of suction cycles, etc. A: Bubbles will pop up within 5 times of air pressure. Spitting amount is divided into 3.5 grams and 3 grams. The matching requirements for piston and cylinder are very high. The size is very precise. For more product details, please contact us: Foam Pump.

  • Airless Cosmetic Bottles Are Very Popular

    Airless Cosmetic Bottles Are Very Popular


    Environmental protection and green is the trend in cosmetic packaging. A few days ago, reporters at major department stores saw that concepts such as green, low carbon and environmental protection have been blown into the cosmetics industry. The ingredients are more refined and pure, and no preservatives, spices and other additives have become the biggest selling points of brand cosmetics and other products. In addition, the small-volume packaging of brand makeup and the application of brand makeup's new aseptic chamber technology make it no longer a concern for consumers to choose and buy cosmetics that do not contain preservatives. Airless Bottle came into being. It is understood that preservatives are common ingredients in many cosmetics, and their main purpose is to prevent the active ingredients of cosmetics from deteriorating during use. Although many cosmetics have gradually abandoned traditional preservatives, the main purpose of the introduction of ethanol, essential oil and other ingredients is still to prevent corrosion, and these ingredients, including essence, often become the enemy of sensitive skin. A few days ago, French brand make-up launched the first series using aseptic chamber technology in China-brand make-up soothing special care series. It is reported that the application of aseptic chamber technology can enable consumers to use tube-mounted aseptic skin care products without adding any preservative, and keep skin care products sterile throughout the use period to avoid bacterial contamination. Brand cosmetics continue to introduce small-volume packaged cosmetics, enabling consumers to use them quickly in a short period of time, thus avoiding deterioration caused by the absence of preservatives. In addition, many cosmetics are more concise in composition selection, so as to avoid causing troubles to sensitive skin to the greatest extent. For example, brand makeup...