Our Glass Cream Jar Collection – 3 Things You Should Know


When it comes to clear glass cream jars, most think cos […]

When it comes to clear glass cream jars, most think cosmetics and candle applications as it’s straight-sided wall, round shape and wide mouth opening naturally lend itself to these common applications. What you may not know is that our Cream Jar Manufacturers(KEXON) is also ideal for many food and beverage applications when a proper liner is chosen. Just think Jam, pickles, and even beverages.

Clear glass cream jar has been a common form of glass packaging option for decades, and it’s easy accessibility makes it a preferred choice for many product packagers. So when you are looking at our glass cream jar collection, here are 3 things that you should be aware of:

Heavyweight Glass Options – when you are choosing a small capacity, you may find “heavyweight cream jars” option, the main difference between these heavyweight and it’s standard cream jar counterpart, is it’s wall thickness and base thickness.

Heavyweight cream jars has a thick base that gives you an enhanced look. Mostly used in the cosmetic industry, these heavyweight cream jars gives an additional classy look to the overall package. These jars are perfectly matched with our plastic dome caps or silver Prairie cap.

Liner Options – Liner is a key part of your package. While most are tempted to go for the lowest cost option, the liner might not be an ideal fit.

Jar Seal uses – Jar seal is a good option if you want to keep your product dust free. Ideal with most cap options we offer, jar seals is a loosely fitted piece of plastic that allow you to place on the jar prior to cap application. While it does not provide a tamper evident seal, it does gives you an additional dust barrier for your product. We do not recommend jar seal to be used for liquid products as it does not prevent liquid spillage.