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Detailed description of plastic pump. 1. Product detail […]

Detailed description of plastic pump.

1. Product details:

Specifications: 24/410, 24/415, 28/410, 28/415

Liquid output: 1.2-1.5ml/T

Material: plastic: PP, spring: USU304

Product color: according to customer requirements

Product straw: length according to customer requirements

2. Product quality:

(1) the product starts pumping smoothly and discharges liquid quickly;

(2) Good sealing and no leakage of liquid;

(3) uniform spray quantity and good effect;

(4) All products are automatically assembled and tested by machines.

3. Uses: hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, disinfectant and other daily necessities, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry.

Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales.

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