Lotion Pump has Uniform Output and Good Effect


Ningbo KeXon is a professional manufacturer and supplie […]

Ningbo KeXon is a professional manufacturer and supplier of lotion pump.

Hand sanitizer is a very common commodity. It's pump head is the key to the whole bottle. KeXon will now introduce a lotion pump.

Name: hand sanitizer pump head; lotion pump; Threaded pump; Press the pump.

Raw materials: high quality PP, anodized aluminum.

Specifications: 24/410, 24/415, 28/400, 28/410, 28/415

Spray volume: 2.0CC

Color: optional

Quality Standard: ISO 9000-2000

Applications: Cleaning and washing (hand sanitizer, shampoo, disinfectant, etc.), bio-medicine, cosmetic packaging, chemical industry.

Performance characteristics:

1) prevent liquid leakage after being assembled and matched with a bottle filled with water

2) Good sealing performance, uniform spray volume, strong corrosion resistance, good exhaust function, and safety meeting quality standards.

Packaging Details: Nozzle+Plastic Bag (Dust Prevention)+Standard Packaging Carton

Carton size: 60*32*38cm(1000 PCs/carton)

Product features:

The pump of the product starts smoothly and the liquid can be quickly discharged once.

Good sealing and no water leakage.

The color is selected according to the customer.

The spray quantity is uniform and the effect is good.

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