Lotion Pump has Good Sealing Performance and Uniform Spray Quantity


What are the characteristics of cosmetic pump head loti […]

What are the characteristics of cosmetic pump head lotion pump? The following is an analysis by Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd the details are as follows:

Quality description:

1. Prevent liquid leakage when assembled with bottles filled with water

2. Good sealing performance, uniform spray volume, strong corrosion resistance, good exhaust function, and safety in accordance with quality standards.

3. The pump of the product starts smoothly, and the liquid can be discharged quickly, once.

4. Good sealing and no water leakage

5, uniform spray quantity and good effect

Product advantages:

1. Delivery on time

2, free samples for customers to provide production test

3. Our company accepts the customization of new products

4. Accept supporting business. Our company is willing to cooperate with all bottle factories to engage in supporting business or OEM production.

5. Inventory: normal color

These are some characteristics of lotion pump for cosmetics, hoping to help you. For more product details, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/