Liquid Dispenser for Dispensing Foam Pump


There is disclosed a foaming device for dispensing foam […]

There is disclosed a foaming device for dispensing foam. The device includes a collapsible liquid container and a Foam Pump(KEXON) attached to the container outlet. The foam pump includes two enclosures, the first being bonded in the throat of the container and the second being telescopingly received in the first with a flexible seal mounted on the second enclosure to provide an airtight seal. When assembled, the two enclosures define an air chamber and a fluid chamber each having outlets which merge by the foamer outlet.

The fluid chamber accepts liquid from the container and when the second member is moved with respect to the first member the fluid chamber is pressurized to open an outlet valve and air is simultaneously expelled through the outlet. The liquid and air commingle as they pass through a wire, plastic or fabric mesh thereby forming the foam. There is included a dispenser housing for releasably receiving the collapsible liquid container and foam pump. The dispenser includes a push button pivotally attached thereto which is coupled to the second enclosure so that as the push button is moved the pump is actuated.

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