KeXon Plastic Tells You Deal with Foam Pump Problems


There are many types of plastic nozzles. Inevitably the […]

There are many types of plastic nozzles. Inevitably there will be some mistakes in the process of use. Here are some problems and how to deal with them.

Tongue abnormal features. If the rotating sprinkler works, whether it is blocked in his (impeller rocker type water deflectors or worms), the water nozzle should be smooth, transparent round section near the tongue after the dense, dense water tongue gradually becomes white and pressure Broken; its range should not be less than 85% of the standard value, and has better atomization. Otherwise, it is not normal water tongue.

The causes and elimination methods are as follows: The water tongue has just left the nozzle, the surface is rough and opaque but the water is still the main round tongue, due to burrs or rough processing of the brain injury. The nozzle should be sanded or replaced. Water only has nozzles that spread on the tongue, and there are no round compact cars. The main reason is that the inside of the nozzle is seriously damaged and should be replaced; the rectifier is distorted and should be repaired or replaced; the foreign matter in the passageway should be blocked and foreign matter should be removed.

The range of water tongue is not enough. The range is not enough but the water atomization is not bad, the main reason is that the nozzle speed is too fast and the nozzle should be adjusted with a small speed. The scope is not enough and the water tongue is pathetic. The reason is that the work pressure is not enough and can be adjusted according to the required high pressure.

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