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Acrylic bottles: Acrylic bottles have excellent transpa […]

Acrylic bottles: Acrylic bottles have excellent transparency, light transmittance of over 92%, good anti-aging properties, and can be used safely outdoors. Acrylic bottles are available in a wide variety of colors and have excellent overall performance. It offers designers a wide range of options for dyeing and surface painting, silk screen or vacuum coating.

Cosmetic containers are often the largest component of the cost of cosmetic products and are the key to manufacturers distinguishing products on the shelf. Carefully selected or innovative cosmetic containers play a vital marketing role in attracting consumers' attention and enhancing purchase decisions. At the same time, the right cosmetic container makes the product easier to use and apply, protecting the product from the environment.

Cosmetic container for skin care products. Skin preparation products include oil cleansers, sugar scrubs and microdermabrasion creams. All of these products are used to keep the skin under the cosmetics as healthy as possible, to minimize the degree of cosmetic masking imperfections, and to make the cosmetics positive.

Oily cleansers consist of natural oils used to cleanse the skin. They usually do not use a pump, do not use a therapeutic or ordinary pump, and are almost always packaged in bottles. Almost all oil cleaners require PET bottles because PET has good oil resistance.

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