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Foam pump is used in many daily necessities. KeXon Plas […]

Foam pump is used in many daily necessities. KeXon Plastic, as a professional foam pump manufacturers, has a long history and its products sell well at home and abroad.

Let's learn something about foam pumps.

Product function of foam pump:

1. Saving the usage of soap solution, pressing soap solution, safe and reliable, and convenient maintenance.

2. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, cosmetic foam pump, can be placed in a variety of soap, such as hand sanitizer, detergent, water-based washing liquid, etc. The pump head and bottle body can be separated, adding liquid, cleaning is more convenient. Design is novel, can hold different soap (hand sanitizer). Just press gently, soap (hand sanitizer) will come out naturally. Comfortable, assured, worry-free.

3. Made of imported materials, it is unbreakable, unbreakable, non-deforming, non-leaking, good handfeel, acid and alkali resistant, and not easy to wear after long-term use.

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