KeXon Plastic Can Customize Sprayer Bottles for Customers


Although sprayer bottles have been around since the mid […]

Although sprayer bottles have been around since the middle of the 20th century, they used a rubber ball that was compressed to create spray. The rapidly moving air sucked the liquid out of the bottle. Rapid improvements in plastics after world war ii increased the range of distributable fluids and reduced the cost of sprayers because assembly could be fully automated.

The cost of making sprays is also a factor; Consumers will reuse the bottle sprayer after using the bottle glass cleaner. As plastics have improved and the cost of sprayers has fallen, manufacturers have been able to ship products using sprayers already in bottles.

In the late 1960s, sprayer bottles with trigger actuators appeared and quickly became popular because the design was not fatiguing. The original pump bottles are still very popular in applications such as non-aerosol deodorants, where size is a factor and there is no need to reuse pumps.

Unlike rubber ball dispensers, which move air mainly with a small amount of fluid, modern injection bottles use volumetric pumps that act directly on the fluid. The pump pulls the liquid out of the siphon from the bottom of the bottle and passes it through the nozzle. Depending on the sprayer, the nozzle can be adjusted or not adjusted in order to choose between the spray beam, spray atomization or spray atomization.

In the spray bottle, the distribution is powered by the user's efforts. In contrast to the spray tank, the user only needs to start the valve and the product is distributed under pressure. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating development, production and sales. With the production experience of daily packaging, we can professionally produce all kinds of foam pumps, plastic covers, daily and medicinal plastic bottles, as well as all kinds of hand-type sprayers, lotion pumps, perfume sprayers, cream bottles and other products. The company has a highly skilled and experienced R&D team. It has long been committed to the independent research and development of new products, and can also customize various types of cosmetic packaging and daily packaging according to the requirements of customers.