KeXon Pays Attention to the Appearance and Design of Plastic Caps


As a part of the closure, the cap has always been conce […]

As a part of the closure, the cap has always been concerned about the sealing performance, but few people understand the function of the cap, the appearance of the cap on the product. In fact, a chic cap design is able to leave a good impression on the product, but also to bring good sales to the product. On the other hand, in order to seal, the cap design sometimes causes trouble in opening, and how to conveniently open the cap and ensure the sealing is the most important.

Only when we pay attention to the appearance and design of the plastic cap, can the bottle cover field bring more changes.

Caps are used in a wide range of applications. There are several major blocks in the main market. Wine bottle caps, this is a relatively profitable piece of cap. The pseudo-function of the wine bottle cap market offers many possibilities for the manufacturer's additional profit, which is worthy of deep exploration by manufacturers. Another big market for caps is in the field of beverage caps. Although the market is meager, the standard is uniform and suitable for large-scale production. This market has a supplier of Coke, listed company Zijiang. In fact, there are cosmetics. Bottle caps and tinplate caps, although these markets are niche, they also breed many companies. It is worth paying attention to.

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