Acrylic Bottles(KEXON) Is Widely Used in Cosmetic Field


Acrylic bottles are produce from Plastic Pump Foam Bott […]

Acrylic bottles are produce from Plastic Pump Foam Bottle,PE Bottle,PP Bottle company(KEXON) produce, Acrylic bottleshave excellent transparency,light transmittance of over 92%, good anti-aging properties, and can be used safely outdoors. Acrylic bottles are available in a wide variety of colors and have excellent overall performance. It offers designers a wide range of options for dyeing and surface painting, silk screen or vacuum coating.

Acrylic cosmetic bottles are a very popular method of storing liquid cosmetics or powders. Usually, they are used to store lotions or creamy cosmetic liquids, although some are also used in perfumery. Powders can be stored in smaller bottles, but this is not recommended, especially for tall and thin bottles, as removing powder can be difficult and cumbersome. This is not to say that the powder cannot be stored in the bottle. In some cases of dry-cleaning water, the acrylic bottle is a good storage option. They are very useful when storing emulsions because acrylics tend to have a smooth surface that prevents the emulsion from sticking to the edges of the interior of the bottle. It is also the perfect perfume because acrylic has no smell and can be transferred to the content.

Acrylic is a durable synthetic material that is usually transparent, but it can also be a soft, turbid pearl. Because it is made of synthetic resin and textiles, it is durable and lightweight. These containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. They are either sealed or refillable depending on the attachment of the container. The bottle can be thick or thin depending on the manufacturer's preferences or stored materials. Thicker bottles, especially in combination with turbid pearls, give the product an elegant, luxurious look that is an excellent choice for high-end beauty products. Acrylic bottles are similar in appearance to glass, which makes them attractive to buyers, but not as easy to break as glass. They look elegant and durable. Many manufacturers prefer acrylic plastic because it is easy to mass produce and it can extend the shelf life of cosmetics.

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