Inspection Standard for Detergent Pump Head


Detergent, as a cleaning product, has already appeared […]

Detergent, as a cleaning product, has already appeared in everyone's life. Its pump head actually belongs to lotion pump head.

So today we will talk about the inspection standard of detergent pump head:

1. Bottle mouth diameter: 43/410 40/410

2. Color: White and transparent colors are normal colors, and other colors are made according to the color plates provided by customers.

3. Pumping dose: 0.4 0.1/0.8 0.15 g/1.6 0.15 g.

4. First pump discharge: ≤6 times

5. Press handle: rebound and hand synchronous speed, time < 1.5 seconds

6. Sealing property: the bottle is full (water, emulsion) and the product is locked. Positive pressure test: 2.5KG positive pressure bottle body is used for 1 minute, or back pressure test: vacuum pressure is not leaked within minus 0.05Mpa/5 minutes.

7. Suction tube length: length ±2MM

8. Foam standard: the liquid effect of the pump head is foam. The foam should be plump, fine and even. (Note: For liquids with different formulas, the foam effect will change).

9. Service life: ≥1000 times

10. Applicable products: hand sanitizer pump head, cosmetic foam pump, detergent pump head, etc

11. material: PP

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