Information on Custom Service of Plastic Pump


Plastic pressure pumps often need customized products i […]

Plastic pressure pumps often need customized products in practice, so which users need customized service for plastic pump heads? The following is an analysis of several common user types by Ningbo Kexon:

1.Enterprise Type

Most of the companies that choose the customized service of plastic pump are enterprises. The common characteristic of this kind of customer group is to prepare to develop or promote a product, and some of such products include plastic accessories, plastic packaging, etc.

Based on the comprehensive cost, advantages and disadvantages of the process, plastic raw materials are selected for production. However, most accessories do not have ready-made moulds on the market, and they must be customized and developed through newly-made moulds. Plastic packaging products will also be specially customized according to different characteristics of products.


In addition to enterprises, there is also a group of customers who are in great need of customized plastic pump service. That is, some private individuals who research and develop products. Although they do not have rich funds in large enterprises, they have professional technology, innovative consciousness and flexible mind. They will help them to complete mass production and promotion of products by looking for sponsors, investors and suppliers.

3.Foreign Things

In general, some plastic pressure pumps abroad are rare in China, which may be related to human creativity and the quality of production equipment. Westerners can often produce very creative things. They are simple, cheap but practical, and have a wide range of applications.

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