• The Use of Plastic Pump Heads for Cosmetics Should Not be Too Frequent

    The Use of Plastic Pump Heads for Cosmetics Should Not be Too Frequent


    Cosmetics have become a hot topic in daily necessities, and those plastic pump heads have brought a lot of convenience to everyone. Of course, in use, some small precautions still need to be known. The use of plastic pump heads for cosmetics should not be too frequent, because the return force of the spring is limited. Each use must be within the elastic force range of the spring and cannot be used strongly. This is the same as the restriction of people. When a person's physical strength is overdrawn, he will collapse. On average, the pump head should not be pressed more than 10 times and the interval should not be less than 10 seconds. There should be enough time for it to rebound. The built-in spring of cosmetic pump head should not be too long, of course, too short is not enough. The selection and determination of the general thread diameter also plays a crucial role. Generally speaking, the common cosmetic pump head spring is the most reasonable with 13 and a half turns, so the resilience and pressing force are just within the reasonable range. Yuyao Kexon Spray Factory is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating development, production and sales. We can produce all kinds of foam pumps, plastic caps, daily and medical plastic bottles, as well as all kinds of hand-held sprayers, emulsion pumps, perfume nozzles, cream bottles and other products. If you want to buy high-quality cosmetic pump head, Kexon is a good choice. Contact us and click here: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • A good Spray Pump Can Provide A Good Skin Care Experience

    A good Spray Pump Can Provide A Good Skin Care Experience


    Moisturizing is the foundation of skin care. Any demand for firming and whitening should come after moisturizing. Taking a layer of water is usually the first skin care step after facial cleaning. filling the stratum corneum with water can promote the absorption of subsequent products. under the condition of the wettest skin, applying the ideal moisturizing product can maintain the ideal moisturizing environment on the skin surface. Spray is to skin care products what lipstick is to cosmetics. They are all products that are frequently used at high frequency. It is also common to buy many different kinds of products at one time. Spray pumps are also widely used in washrooms, pockets, outdoors, cars, airplanes, etc. What determines the quality of the spray? No matter what type of spray, the actual effect is determined by the content "water" and the cosmetic spray head/pump head. Atomization effect is also one of the selling points of spray products, such as ultra-fine mist, quick spray, fine and even, no dripping, etc. Among them, cosmetic nozzle/pump head plays the most critical role. The plastic nozzle/pump head has great influence on the spray state, spray area and spray effect. The price of good nozzle and ordinary nozzle varies from several times to more than ten times. KEXON plastic cosmetic pump head has uniform spray volume, fine and gentle spray, and can provide good skin care experience. For more product details, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Looking for High Quality Cosmetic Pump Head Manufacturers

    Looking for High Quality Cosmetic Pump Head Manufacturers


    Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. We own a factory. What advantages does KeXon have to attract consumers? Advantage 1: Fast delivery, due to automation of equipment, quantification of production capacity and fast delivery. Advantage 2: Good quality, with strong supervision of quality control department to ensure quality. Advantage 3: Reasonable price, large-scale production, automatic production, greatly reducing production costs to ensure cost-effective products. Advantage 4: Good service, because we are cosmetics manufacturers, and we understand the needs of cosmetics factories better than any other packaging factory, and we can understand the difficulties of cosmetics manufacturers better. The company can professionally produce all kinds of foam pumps, plastic caps, daily and medicinal plastic bottles, as well as all kinds of trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, perfume sprayers, cream jar and other products. The company has a highly skilled and experienced R& D team and has long been dedicated to independent research and development of new products. We also provide product customization services (OEM) according to customer requirements of various types of cosmetics packaging, daily packaging. If you are looking for a quality and reliable plastic pump supplier, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Cream Jar Perfect Container for Cosmetics

    Cream Jar Perfect Container for Cosmetics


    For short trips or business trips, carrying bottles and jars is always cumbersome. At this time, a mini sealed Cream Jar comes in handy. Safety Mini Container: Travel bottle made of food-grade silicone, hard-sealed lid made of food-grade polypropylene, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the German Food and Drug Administration. Useful cream jars: They are perfect for face creams, hand creams, body creams, baby skin creams, ointments and even talcum powders-whitening powder, baby talcum powder or used as storage boxes for earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. Multipurpose silicone cosmetic container. Easy to carry: suitable mini size and weight is very suitable for travel, good sealing performance, do not worry about soiling your luggage, leak-proof travel tank. These travel bottle containers are only 20 ml and are 100% approved by the Transportation Security Administration for use with airlines. Easy to clean: You can easily clean these silicone cosmetic containers with warm soapy water. Each piece is 20 ml and 3 pieces have different colors. You can easily identify what each piece contains by reading the color. Kexon is a professional cream jar manufacturer and supplier, please contact us if you need:https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Information on Custom Service of Plastic Pump

    Information on Custom Service of Plastic Pump


    Plastic pressure pumps often need customized products in practice, so which users need customized service for plastic pump heads? The following is an analysis of several common user types by Ningbo Kexon: 1.Enterprise Type Most of the companies that choose the customized service of plastic pump are enterprises. The common characteristic of this kind of customer group is to prepare to develop or promote a product, and some of such products include plastic accessories, plastic packaging, etc. Based on the comprehensive cost, advantages and disadvantages of the process, plastic raw materials are selected for production. However, most accessories do not have ready-made moulds on the market, and they must be customized and developed through newly-made moulds. Plastic packaging products will also be specially customized according to different characteristics of products. 2.Academics In addition to enterprises, there is also a group of customers who are in great need of customized plastic pump service. That is, some private individuals who research and develop products. Although they do not have rich funds in large enterprises, they have professional technology, innovative consciousness and flexible mind. They will help them to complete mass production and promotion of products by looking for sponsors, investors and suppliers. 3.Foreign Things In general, some plastic pressure pumps abroad are rare in China, which may be related to human creativity and the quality of production equipment. Westerners can often produce very creative things. They are simple, cheap but practical, and have a wide range of applications. For more information on customized service of plastic pressure pump, please pay attention to Ningbo Kexon official website: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Inspection Standard for Detergent Pump Head

    Inspection Standard for Detergent Pump Head


    Detergent, as a cleaning product, has already appeared in everyone's life. Its pump head actually belongs to lotion pump head. So today we will talk about the inspection standard of detergent pump head: 1. Bottle mouth diameter: 43/410 40/410 2. Color: White and transparent colors are normal colors, and other colors are made according to the color plates provided by customers. 3. Pumping dose: 0.4 0.1/0.8 0.15 g/1.6 0.15 g. 4. First pump discharge: ≤6 times 5. Press handle: rebound and hand synchronous speed, time < 1.5 seconds 6. Sealing property: the bottle is full (water, emulsion) and the product is locked. Positive pressure test: 2.5KG positive pressure bottle body is used for 1 minute, or back pressure test: vacuum pressure is not leaked within minus 0.05Mpa/5 minutes. 7. Suction tube length: length ±2MM 8. Foam standard: the liquid effect of the pump head is foam. The foam should be plump, fine and even. (Note: For liquids with different formulas, the foam effect will change). 9. Service life: ≥1000 times 10. Applicable products: hand sanitizer pump head, cosmetic foam pump, detergent pump head, etc 11. material: PP If you want to know more product details, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/