• PET Characteristics of Foam Pump Head

    PET Characteristics of Foam Pump Head


    PET Features of Foam Pump Head Material: 1. The thermal deformation temperature and long-term service temperature are the highest among thermoplastic general engineering plastics; 2. Because of its high heat resistance, reinforced PET is immersed in a solder bath at 250℃ for 10 seconds with little deformation or discoloration, which is especially suitable for preparing soldered electronic and electrical parts. 3. The bending strength is 200MPa, the elastic modulus is 4000MPa, the creep resistance and fatigue resistance are also very good, the surface hardness is high, and the mechanical properties are similar to thermosetting plastics. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. as first class China Foam Pump manufacturers and Foam Pump suppliers. We can produce Foam Pump according to the requirements of customers,Our products have ISO9001 quality standard, Good sealing, strong corrosion resistance,easy to use,economical and durable. If you want to know more, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Learn About Some Different Daily Chemical Plastic Pumps

    Learn About Some Different Daily Chemical Plastic Pumps


    Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. Learn about some different types of daily chemical plastic pump: 1. The thickness of the pump head is determined by the caliber of the matching bottle body. The spray standard is 12.5mm—24mm-24 mm, and the water yield is 0.1ml/ time-0.2 ml/time. It is generally used for matching perfume, gel water and other commodity packages. The shampoo 28 pump head can receive the same caliber according to the height of the bottle body. 2. Special dispensers such as foam pump head and hand-held spray head. Foam pump head is a non-pneumatic hand-held pump head, which does not need to be filled with air to generate foam, and only needs light pressing to generate quantitative high-quality foam. Generally, there are special bottles. Hand-held sprinklers are commonly used in cleaning agents and other commodities. 3. Vacuum bottles are generally cylindrical in shape, with a standard of 15 mL-50mL, each with 100ml, and the total capacity is small. The principle of atmospheric pressure is used to prevent cosmetics from being polluted during use. Vacuum bottles are made of aluminum carbide, plastic electroplating and colored plastic. The quotation is more expensive than other common containers, and the general order quantity demand is not high. For more information, please click here: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • The Working Principle of Lotion Pump is Analyzed in Detail

    The Working Principle of Lotion Pump is Analyzed in Detail


    There are always many bottles of lotion pumps used in our life, so kexon will tell you about the working principle of lotion pumps today. 1. First Press-When we press the press head for the first time, the press head drives the auxiliary column to compress the spring together through the connected main column. In the process of compressing the spring, the outer wall of the piston pushes the piston to open the discharge hole of the secondary column through friction with the inner wall of the body. When the piston slides downwards, the air in the body is discharged through the already opened secondary column discharge hole. 2. Press repeatedly and repeatedly-to exhaust all the air in the body. 3. Suction-Press the press head by hand to discharge the air in the body through the main column, the auxiliary column, the piston and the common compression spring. Release the press head. The spring moves back (up) due to loss of pressure. At this time, the piston also moves down through the inner wall of the friction body to close the discharge hole of the auxiliary column. At this time, the liquid storage cavity in the body is in a vacuum liquid absorption state, the glass ball is sucked upwards, and the liquid in the bottle is sucked into the liquid storage cavity of the body through a suction pipe. 4. Storage of Liquid-Press the pressing head several times, and store the liquid to the body by sucking the liquid many times until the liquid is fully stored. 5. Discharge-When the liquid in the liquid storage cavity of the body is full, press the press head again, and the liquid will be directly discharged from...

  • How to Judge Whether It is A Good Plastic Pump Head?

    How to Judge Whether It is A Good Plastic Pump Head?


    Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. The key to a good pump head is to pay special attention to the following areas: 1. For glass beads or steel balls under the spring, the sealing here is very important, which is related to the force of upward flushing of the liquid in the spring cavity. If the liquid leaks here, when the pressing handle is pressed, some of the liquid will leak into the bottle, thus affecting the effect of liquid spraying. 2. It is the sealing ring at the upper end of the valve body. If there is leakage here, the force bottom of liquid pumping up will decrease when the pressure handle is released, resulting in a small amount of liquid stored in the valve body, which will also affect the spray effect. 3. The matching between the pressure handle and the valve core. If there is loose matching and leakage, there will be a certain resistance when the liquid rushes up to the nozzle, and the liquid will flow back. If there is leakage, the spray effect will also be affected. 4. Nozzle design. The quality of nozzle design is directly related to the spray effect. Please refer to the next page for details on nozzle design. Therefore, the function of the general pump head also detects these four positions, and other appearance and coordination problems are detected conventionally. If you want to buy plastic pump heads, you must choose high-quality Plastic Pump Manufacturers. For details, please consult: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Effectively Prevent That Liquid in The Container From Bee Polluted by The Outside

    Effectively Prevent That Liquid in The Container From Bee Polluted by The Outside


    Plastic cap is currently a common packaging form for bottles, cans and barrels, especially in the fields of beverage, chemical industry and medicine. Plastic caps are generally made of polyolefin as the main raw material, and are processed and formed by injection molding, hot pressing and other processes. How to reasonably control the sealing performance of bottle caps is the focus of on-line or off-line inspection of production units. Performance characteristics: 1. An annular leak-proof ring is arranged on the inner wall of the top end of the general plastic cover; There are also ordinary plastic bucket covers that need to be fitted with the inner cover, so there is no need to design a leak-proof ring. 2, the lower end of the plastic cover is connected with an anti-theft ring through a tension reinforcing rib; 3. At the same time, a plurality of flaky rotary pulling wings are evenly distributed on the inner wall of the anti-theft ring; The plastic cover designed in this way has the characteristics of firm sealing, good leakproof and theft-proof performance, safe and convenient use, can effectively prevent the liquid in the container from being polluted by the outside, and can ensure that various liquid product packages conform to national safety standards and the like. For more product details, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/

  • Green Ecological and Environmental Protection Packaging is becoming A Trend

    Green Ecological and Environmental Protection Packaging is becoming A Trend


    Today's consumers no longer need "nouveau riche" luxury packaging, but packaging that reflects cultural meaning and values, with strong personality color, "low-key and connotative" cosmetic packaging has become the standard for customers to highlight taste. In fact, cosmetics, as a product that brings beauty, must first be beautiful. Under the background of the upgrading of consumption level, consumers actually don't mind that the packaging of cosmetics is more exquisite. In the eyes of many post-85 and post-90 generations, the importance of whether the packaging of cosmetics conforms to their own aesthetics is already on a par with the efficacy of the product. The proportion of metal elements in cosmetic packaging materials has increased, and real handicrafts include two groups, namely, the "pleasure-keeping art" group and the "sense-bending" group. It is becoming more and more popular to embody the efficacy of products in packaging. With the increasing calls for environmental protection, green ecological packaging is also becoming a trend. Environmentally friendly packaging that is harmless, pollution-free and recyclable has been paid more and more attention. For the packaging of cosmetics, we should be personalized and not extravagant. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. KeXon company supports customized services. If you are interested, please contact us: https://www.chinafoampump.com/