• The Foam Pump Is Very Convenient To Use And The Dosage Is Controllable

    The Foam Pump Is Very Convenient To Use And The Dosage Is Controllable


    Foam pump hand sanitizer not only plays a role in cleaning and caring skin, but also effectively eliminates 99% of bacteria left on hands, disinfects and disinfects e.g. Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, etc. Compared with common liquid hand sanitizer, foam hand sanitizer has the advantages of rich foam and: 1. Easy to use: dispense with soaking in water, scrubbing and foaming, and the foam is extruded from the pump head 2. dosage saving: 1/2 or 1/3 of the dosage of common hand sanitizer for each use 3. Double efficacy: The extruded bubbles make full use of the effective ingredients in the foam, greatly improving the effects of degerming, moistening and cleaning. 4. Protection of water resources: Foam hand sanitizer can be either free of washing or requires washing, either of which is more water-saving, clean and easy to wash. Foam hand sanitizer, bottle mouth has special device to fully mix air and foaming agent. Like a fire-fighting foam gun, the fluid has the function of reducing pressure and air pressure. A large amount of air is sucked in from the side and mixed with foaming agent to generate foam. It feels amazing. In addition, foam pump bottles of other brands can also be filled. There are small basin friends in the family, who wash their hands before meals and afterwards. Foam hand sanitizer is really too convenient. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design. We specializing in the production and manufacture of foam pumps, please contact us: foam pump manufacturers.

  • Tooth Number of Cosmetic Pump Head

    Tooth Number of Cosmetic Pump Head


    Mouth of cosmetic foam pump head: what do you mean by 24/410 respectively? 24 refers to the diameter of the pump head mouthpiece, 410 refers to the circumference of the pump head mouthpiece. Composition Principle of Foam Pump Head on Cosmetic Bottle Dispenser; 1. Dispensers can be divided into two types: pierced type and screw type. Functionally, they can be divided into spray, foundation cream, emulsion pump, aerosol valve and vacuum bottle. 2. The size of the pump head is determined by the caliber of the matching bottle body. The spray size is 12.5mm—24mm-24 mm, and the water output is 0.1ml/ time-0.2 ml/time. It is generally used for matching perfume, gel water and other product packages. The length of the connecting pipe with the same caliber can be determined according to the height of the bottle body. 3. The emulsion pump has a larger specification range of 16ml to 38ml and a water yield of 0.28ml/ time-3.1 mL/time. It is generally used for cream and washing products. 4. Special dispensers such as foam pump head and hand-held spray head. Foam pump head is a non-pneumatic hand-held pump head, which does not need to be filled with air to generate foam, and only needs light pressing to generate quantitative high-quality foam. Generally, there are special bottles. Hand-held sprinklers are usually used on products such as detergents. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive plastic packaging enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. If you are interested in our products, please contact us: foam pump manufacturers.

  • The Quality of Fine Mist Sprayer Head is Very Important

    The Quality of Fine Mist Sprayer Head is Very Important


    Spray products have become more and more popular in recent years, especially the hot summer has come quietly. Spray is to skin care products what lipstick is to cosmetics. They are all products that are frequently used at high frequency. It is also common to buy many different kinds of products at one time. Spray pumps are also widely used in washrooms, pockets, outdoors, cars, airplanes, etc. Then the quality of the spray is very important to the fine mist sprayer manufacturer. So what determines the quality of the spray? No matter what type of spray, the actual effect is determined by the content "water" and the cosmetic spray head/pump head. Atomization effect is also one of the selling points of spray products, such as ultra-fine mist, quick spray, fine and even, no dripping, etc. Among them, cosmetic nozzle/pump head plays the most critical role. The plastic nozzle/pump head has great influence on the spray state, spray area and spray effect. The price of good nozzle and ordinary nozzle varies from several times to more than ten times. Ningbo KeXon Plastic Co., Ltd' s cosmetic pump head has a uniform spray volume, fine and gentle spray, and can provide a good skin care experience. Contact us for more product details: Plastic Pump.