How to Test Spray of Electric Trigger Sprayer


As one of the products of the hand-held Trigger Sprayer […]

As one of the products of the hand-held Trigger Sprayer (KEXON) manufacturer, the sprayer requires a test spray test before use, and it is known that it cannot be used.

The first is that at the time of inspection, the connection parts should see if there is any leakage. If there are running, running, dripping, leaking, etc., it is impossible to use, so it is necessary to make connection correction or replace the gasket, which can prevent The liquid damages the body or causes damage to the crop, affecting the growth and yield of the crop. The second is to check whether the spray is uniform and continuous, and the pressure of the drug pump must be stable. Otherwise, intermittent spray or poor drug delivery may occur, which may affect the effect of spraying.

The sprayer is tested for leak detection in order to avoid failure during use and to ensure better use, so the test must be carried out.

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