How to Make a Test on Plastic Caps


How to properly control the sealing performance of the […]

How to properly control the sealing performance of the cap is the focus of the production unit on-line or off-line testing. For plastic caps, because of the degree of sealing, a positive pressure seal tester is used, but the market positive pressure seal The tester directly blows compressed air into the sealed bottle, which inevitably explodes when the bottle is flawed. According to experts, a 2.5-liter cola bottle explodes at 1.2 MPa, which is quite destructive. For 100-150 grams of explosives.

The national standard GB/T17876-1999 specifically specifies the detection of the plastic anti-theft cap, such as the opening torque of the cap, thermal stability, drop resistance, leakage and sealing performance. Among them, the sealing performance and the opening of the cap and the tightening torque are effective ways to solve the sealing performance of the plastic anti-theft cap. Depending on the use of the cap, there are different regulations for the test methods that do not include a gas cap and a gas cap. If the gas cap is not included, the cap should be cut off and the anti-theft ring (strip) should be used for sealing the rated torque of not less than 1.2NM. Test with a seal tester, pressurize to 200 kPa, and keep the pressure under water for 1 minute to observe whether it leaks. Gas or tripping; the gas-containing cap is pressurized to 690 kPa, and the pressure is maintained under water for 1 minute. Observe the gas leak, and then increase the pressure to 1207 kPa, maintain the pressure for 1 minute, and observe whether the cap is tripped.

The instrument can be used for the quantitative measurement of leakage and sealing performance of standard plastic anti-theft caps (including gas caps and air caps) with various thread diameters of 28mm and 38mm. It can also be used for cap sealing torque indicators and caps. The connection trip strength and the whole bottle sealability, pressure resistance, and fracture resistance are evaluated and analyzed. Equipped with a special "plastic anti-theft cap sealing performance test device" as shown. The plastic anti-theft bottle cap is packaged with a special connecting unit link, placed in a transparent observation tank, and the test conditions such as test pressure or leakage are set to start the test. The instrument automatically performs the test, and the test data such as the test pressure and leakage amount can be directly on the LCD. Display on the LCD screen. At the same time, it can also be judged by transparently observing the condition of the bubbles in the tank.