How Does the Hand Sanitizer Foam Pump Head Work?


1. First press--------When we press the Foam Pump (KEXO […]

1. First press--------When we press the Foam Pump (KEXON) Head for the first time, press the head to drive the sub-column to compress the spring together through the connected main column; during the compression spring, the outer wall of the piston rubs against the inner wall of the body. Urging the piston to open the discharge hole of the sub-column; when the piston slides down, the air in the body is discharged through the discharge port of the sub-column that has been opened;

2. Reciprocating multiple presses ------- all the air in the body is discharged;

3. Aspirate ------- Press the head by hand and pass the main column, the secondary column, the piston, and the common compression spring to discharge the air inside the body, then release the pressing head, the spring loses pressure, and goes back (on Movement, at this time, the piston also moves downward through the inner wall of the friction body, and the discharge hole of the sub-column is closed; at this time, the liquid storage chamber of the body forms a vacuum suction state, sucks the glass ball upward, and passes the liquid in the bottle. The straw draws liquid into the body reservoir.

4. Storage of liquid ------ Press the head several times, and store the liquid to the body by multiple aspirations until the liquid is full.

5. Discharge----------- When the liquid in the body liquid storage chamber is full, press the head again, then the liquid is directly ejected from the nozzle through the discharge hole;

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