How do The Airless Bottle Work


Airless Bottle(KEXON) are considered a real breakthroug […]

Airless Bottle(KEXON) are considered a real breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless bottles prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skin care creams, serums, and foundations that are packaged in each container. Airless bottle packaging has helped increase shelf life in cosmetic packaging by 15% more. The innovative technology used in these airless bottles include a diaphragm that rises to help evacuate the product and allows the substances within the bottles to be used without any waste left.

Advantages of using airless pump bottles as opposed to other cosmetic packaging containers includes:

The double wall of the airless bottle gives the customer the sense of using a luxury product. However, the double wall has a useful function and serves as a double-protector for the product inside.

The clear, plastic wall of the airless bottle is perfect for adding a brand logo to the outside. Also, it allows for the product coloration be viewable from the outside to the customer before purchasing.

Airless bottles are also perfect for sensitive products such as natural skin care cream, serums, foundations, and more. Also, thanks to the design and function of airless bottles, it provides no amount of wastage for the customer and their special product material.

The dosage is exact with every pump. Customers will get every drop of product due to the rising piston. This prevents customers from causing air contact and struggling to extract remaining product.