Global Foam Bottle Technology Market


Packaging manufacturers across the global face issues f […]

Packaging manufacturers across the global face issues from international regulatory authorities with regards to use of plastic resin. To tackle it, packaging manufacturers with the assistance of advanced technology has reduced the need for chemical resins. One such form of packaging, which is predominantly used in the packaging industry is the use of Foam Bottle(KEXON) technology product. Foam bottle technology reduces the need for resin used for production by 15% creating a bubbles structure of honeycomb which is lighter in weight but rigid.

Foam bottle technology is an innovative form of packaging which is suitable for liquid aseptic packaging products. Foam bottle technology market is greatly driven by packaging cosmetic and beverage market. Foam bottle technology is made from either of the one form of material which are biodegradable foam, starch foam and synthetic foam. Global foam bottle technology market is dominated by synthetic foam as it offers cost advantage and flexibility in structure as compared to other forms of foam bottle technology packaging. But recently an observing trend of the growth for foam bottle market is being seen from biodegradable and starch foam with regards to increase in awareness of sustainable packaging.

The end use industry sector such as beverage and the cosmetic market is estimated to witness a double-digit growth rate in the next five years and it is expected to accelerate the demand for foam bottle technology product. ASEAN is among the leading representative countries which are hastening the demand for foam bottle technology market which is expected to witness a sustainable growth during the projected period.

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