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Why a Cream Jar Manufacturers(KEXON) can help Your Busi […]

Why a Cream Jar Manufacturers(KEXON) can help Your Business Succeed?

The process of converting raw materials into finished goods that meet a customer's expectations or specifications may not only be a challenging task, but also a very satisfying one when expectations are met. That's Manufacturing to you, in a nutshell.

Wholesale and Manufacturing are two words that come together. As a manufacturer of Cream Jars, plastic bottles, and plastic containers, we love working with businesses to help assist with wholesale jars and sustainable packaging solutions. Here at KEXON, we specialize in manufacturing plastic jars and containers in Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS) and other Custom Plastic Materials such as HDPE.

Here at KEXON, we know that business owners and product developers need sustainable packaging. Sustainability is an important aspect in all of what we do here at our factory. Parkway values a sustainable manufacturing process. We also aim to manufacture sustainable jars, containers & packaging for you, your business, and the end-user of our combined products.

It should be encouraged to work with a Jar Manufacturer, such as KEXON Plastics. Why?, you may ask. See, benefits go beyond wholesale prices when working with a jar manufacturer.

When sourcing jars (bottles, tubs, containers, or pots) and caps, KEXON offers a high quality BPA -FREE product that may satisfy your customer. But not only that, we also offer custom colors, materials and "In-mold Customization" , among other services.

Remember: Not All Containers are BPA-free, but KEXON's containers and plastic jars sure are! Making, producing and manufacturing BPA-free Jars is an important task for us here at KEXON Plastics.