The Pump Head of Lotion Pump is The Key


As the core component of hydraulic end of plunger pump, […]

As the core component of hydraulic end of plunger pump,lotion pump head bears great pressure. Therefore, finite element analysis of pump head is of great significance to improve the reliability and rationality of product design.

Due to the particularity of pump head structure, studying its processing technology and improving its processing efficiency are the keys to reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness.

The motion law of plunger pump, pulsating flow rate and pressure fluctuation caused by pulsating flow rate are analyzed, thus the relevant factors causing pressure fluctuation are obtained, which provide theoretical basis for the design and improvement of plunger pump, and also provide important theoretical basis for analyzing the stress state of pump head.

According to the analysis results, the improvement measures of pump head structure are put forward.

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