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Clear China Foam Pump(KEXON) Bottles: This must-have pr […]

Clear China Foam Pump(KEXON) Bottles: This must-have product gives DIY liquid soap a light and foamy texture. Our favorite recipe is Liquid Soap Concentrate Base diluted at a 1:5 ratio with distilled water. Other Bramble Berry liquid soap bases work well in these bottles, but the shampoo bases didn't perform well in our tests. We recommend adding 1% Optiphen ND because of the high water to soap ratio.

You'll want to make a small test batch with your chosen fragrance or essential oil, as certain scents will turn the base cloudy.Instructions for Use: Heat the soap base to 140F. Add fragrance or essential oil and stir for a few minutes, periodically spritzing with alcohol to pop any bubbles. Add distilled water, preservative, and color if desired. Stir to fully incorporate. Carefully pour the soap into the foaming pump bottles, leaving a ?” of space at the top.

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